Incentives Toward Achieving Proficiency in Schools

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1 Incentives Toward Achieving Proficiency in School Pilot Program -- Appendix      
7 Essentials for Whole School Improvement Element Description of Element Dollar Amount
3 1.) Use effective and culturally relevant instructional practices and create collaborative school climate that improves student learning, promotes student engagement and builds on prior knowledge and experiences. Physical Growth by  Student
90% Classroom Student Attendance Rate - $500 for Teacher                                                           95% Student Attendance Rate -- $500 for Family  
4 Physical Growth by Teacher 95% Teacher Attendance Rate $500
5 Emotional Growth Parent and student satisfaction towards the teaching/school staff from feedback surveys 
the number of discipline incidents & student support referrals
6 Collaboration Participate and collaborate on grade level and content area teacher team(s) $500 per team
7 Team Work feedback survey of teacher teams' satisfaction  towards each other and administrators. $500
8 2.) Examine Student work and data to drive instruction and professional development. Individual Student Benchmark Achievement $60 per student x 25 students (Elementary) & $15 per student x 100 students (Middle & High School)  $1,500
9 Classroom Benchmark Achievement $2,400 if class meets benchmark (elementary) & $600 per class (Middle & High School) $2,400
10 Grade-Level Benchmark Achievement $3,000 if entire grade-level meets classroom benchmarks $3,000
11 School-Wide Benchmark Achievment $5,000 if entire school meets Adequate Yearly Progress Benchmarks $5,000
12 3 Invest in professional development to improve instruction On-site  professional development ClassroomTeachers lead on-site contractual professional development $50/hour
13 Off-site professional development ClassroomTeachers participate in off-site graduate course work and/or workshops to improve practice and content area knowledge $400 per credit
14 CCL and classroom visits Teachers lead Collaborative Coaching and Learning inquiry cycles; teachers host and/or participate in classroom visits $50/hour
15 4.Share Leadership to Sustain Instructional Improvement: Mentor Teacher given one hour a day for ITAPS responsibilities,. Leads and designs PD and evaluates teachers to determine incentive based rewards 5,000
16 Master Teacher teaches 1-2 periods a day. Designs PD and colaborates with regional master teachers 10,000
17 5. Focus resources to support instructional improvement and improved student learning: ITAPS Academic Assessment Results Technology Develop ITAPS Technology that enables growth-model assessment results & reports. 10,000 per school
18 ITAPS Family-Teacher-Student Database Develop ITAPS Technology that allows for data entry and tracking of Family-Teacher-Student results & reports.    10,000 per school
19 6.Partner with families and community to support student learning. Family-Teacher Conferences $20 per 30 minute Family-Teacher Conference and Data Entry ($3,000 max) $3,000
20 Family-Teacher Phone-Calls $5 per 15 minute Family-Teacher Phonecall and Data Entry  ($2000 max) $2,000
21 Teacher-Community Partnership $500 per partnership managed to support classroom instruction ( $1000 max) $1,000
22 7. Maintain high levels of effectiveness, efficiency, and equity in our operations Fair Student Funding Formula Devlop and Implement Fair Student Funding Formula to create equity based upon schools' concentration of high need students . In-Kind
23 District-Wide Fundraising  & Marketing Campaign Develop and Implement District-Wide fundraising strategy  and marketing campaign that includes grantwriting and securing business partnerships to support ITAPS In-Kind