Boston Innovation Incubator

Introducing the Boston Innovation Incubator Competition

The Innovation Incubator is a competition designed to help entrepreneurial educators in and around Boston transform innovative ideas into actionable proposals. In this competition, teams or individuals submit brief proposals for educational innovations, with the winner earning the opportunity to pitch their proposal to key policy- and decision-makers.

The Innovation Incubator offers access:

To a diverse network of educators who can become a constituency of support for your idea;
To key policy- and decision-makers who can help you clarify your path to implementation.

The Innovation Incubator Competition helps spark new connections and innovative ideas. Boston Leaders for the Future of Education will leverage the resources of our network  through a series of small convenings that are focused on specific education reform topics. Capped at 20 participants, each event will be a conversation between our members and an accomplished educational leader, and will be facilitated by a member of the BLFE steering committee.

BLFE helps assemble the teams that will write innovative proposals.
Whether you have your own idea or would like to meet with others to develop an idea, we can help you connect:

  1. Complete our online survey to share your interests. We will connect and convene those who share common policy/reform topics; or
  2. Attend one of our smaller, discussion-oriented events in March or April, 2009; or
  3. Post an idea on Facebook, and recruit collaborators there.

We “incubate” innovative ideas by refining them and creating a constituency of support. The team or individual that authors the winning proposal earns the opportunity to attend a special luncheon with our expert review panel. The panel includes prominent education policy makers, leaders, and funders. During this lunch, the expert review panel will serve as a temporary advisory board to help you make the proposal attractive to funders and decision makers. We will also publish all of the proposals we receive on the BLFE website, to help you find potential collaborators.

The winner also receives a cash prize of $500.