What is the vision of BLFE?

To build a network of diverse individuals who are committed to driving excellence in education for all students in Boston. Through our network and events we hope to foster connections and create platforms for innovation and collaboration in Boston.

How can I get involved?

Come to our next event! Anyone interested in meeting others who share a commitment to shaping education in Boston is encouraged to come. All events are open to the public and all are welcome. In addition you could find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Does BLFE advocate for specific policies or political agendas?

No. We are avowedly non-partisan and seek to promote healthy and productive collaboration. Our greatest asset is the diversity of experience and perspective that our members possess. We seek to bring our members together, so that they can better collaborate across the traditional divisions that stunt education reform. For this reason, BLFE does not endorse any specific policy or political agenda.

Why do we need Boston Leaders for the Future of Education?

The field of education is filled with silos. From the closed-door culture of teaching, to neighboring schools who don't talk to each other, to organizations that compete rather than collaborate to access limited funds, too many of us function in isolation. Yet we share a common goal: success for our young people. These silos are the result of some real constraints and a very long history. Still, there are many powerful examples of partnership and collaboration that have made our service of children more effective and more efficient.  Boston Young Leaders in Education seeks to build the relationships among young leaders that will catalyze the development of more collaborative efforts like these.

Who are the Boston Leaders for the Future of Education?

BLFE is free and open to anyone who shares our values and is interested in education leadership and/or policy. Come to an event, join our Facebook group, follow us on Twitter. We seek to bring together professionally and personally diverse educators who share a common commitment to the continuing improvement of education in Boston.